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Our lifestyle and fertility blog is designed to deliver engaging content that can help you to boost your fertility chances.

Our experts ensures that all content is reliable and trustworthy, enabling you to make changes to your lifestyle while increasing your chances of conceiving.

There are many different lifestyle changes that can be made and we aim to cover all of the main areas, giving you a wide and varied range of articles that are informative, engaging and trustworthy.

With our knowledge and understanding of fertility, you can put your trust in our lifestyle and fertility blog.

Discover a wealth of information that can help you make better choices and better changes, all of which will help to enhance your chances of conceiving.

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Diet and Nutrition

We all understand just how important diet and nutrition is to our health and wellbeing. This is particularly true when it comes to fertility.

This section of our Lifestyle and Fertility blog offers insightful articles and advice that can help you to remove damaging foods from your diet while replacing them with wholesome foods.

You’ll find helpful information on topics such as organic food, diets and the changes that you can make.

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About Uta Boellinger

Uta is a BANT Registered Nutritionist ® and Wellness Expert, specialising in fertility and pregnancy.  She is passionate about guiding her clients on their journeys by creating bespoke nutrition plans and providing personalised advice and support.

Uta has combined her interests in food and science with her drive to help others to create a thriving practice. By optimising food intake and lifestyle Uta helps clients to improve their overall health, achieve their ideal weight and maximise fertility.

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Exercise and Fertility

Keeping fit and in shape will ensure that our bodies are optimised and ready to perform at their best.

We aim to deliver engaging content that explores a range of exercises and methods to keep you fit and healthy while also providing expert guidance on the different forms of exercise that are suitable for those looking to conceive.

Complementary Therapies and Fertility

Complementary therapies have long formed part of fertility strategies but understanding what they, what they offer and how they could work is especially important.

Fertility can be affected by many things such as stress and other underlying physical conditions but we aim to cover the many different complementary therapies. This can include the impact and benefits of acupuncture as well as nutrition therapy that can help you deal with a range of problems that can impact fertility.

HFEA statement on complementary therapies

The UK’s regulator of fertility treatment and research, the Human Fertilisation & Embryo Authority (HFEA), provide further information:


If you’re considering a complementary therapy for relaxation or to improve your wellbeing, we recommend that you check first with your clinician in case it might affect your fertility treatment.

Some complementary and alternative treatments, particularly herbal medicines, may interact with medicines that you’re already taking or should not be taken if you’re pregnant so check with a healthcare professional before you start.

Emotional Support

Receiving help and support during fertility problems can help to overcome the many issues that are associated with dealing with the challenges.

Stress can become a major factor in preventing fertility but with the right support, it’s possible to manage emotions and stress, and that alone can have a positive effect on the outcome.

We offer a variety of informative articles that cover a range of options and how they can impact your overall wellbeing and help you to deal with the fertility process and conceiving.

About Ian Stones

Ian is considered one of the UK’s leading fertility experts helping couples wishing to start a family.

In particular he supports men by identify key issues that may be affecting their ability to conceive then, through his unique system, helps them to improve their lifestyle, diet and overall health to maximise their fertility.

Through his close partnerships with the Agora Clinic, he seeks to improve the information and support available for men at all stages of fertility treatment.

If you’d like to have a chat and find out more then get in touch to book a free discovery consultation.

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Ian Stones

Supplements and Fertility

Our aim is to provide information on supplements that can prove to be extremely useful at a time when you are trying to conceive.

Supplements have the ability to boost your diet and provide you with the nutrients and vitamins that could help you conceive. There are many different supplements that are readily available and we explore them and look at how they can become a part of your lifestyle as you look to conceive.