Our holistic approach to fertility here at the Agora Clinic covers many different lifestyle factors, especially fertility nutrition. Research shows that fertility nutrition, for both patients and partners, is the biggest lifestyle factor which can help boost the chances of conceiving.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Cannelle Nutrition, run by Uta Boellinger. Uta combines science and good food to optimise your health, and her interest in fertility began when she saw friends and family facing the challenges and emotional roller coasters of trying to get pregnant.

Whilst studying nutrition I found myself increasingly fascinated by the subject and felt a real drive to share what I learned with others. Nutrition plays a key role in fertility and many people are still not aware of its importance.

Studies have shown that the right diet can increase chances of pregnancy by up to 40% in couples undergoing IVF treatment.

There are numerous nutrients which are known to play a role in fertility, having an impact on sperm production and motility as well as egg quality & health, ovulation and general hormone regulation.


Uta, recently ran a workshop for our patients, which we have shared below. She explains the science behind fertility nutrition and shares her three top tips which you can implement right away to get started.

I am incredibly proud to be partnering with the Agora Clinic as we share the same passion. Together we are able to support patients on their journey giving them the best possible chance of success.

Uta works with both men and women to provide bespoke plans taking into consideration their medical history, health needs, food likes and dislikes as well as lifestyle factors.  Getting a personalised plan means you are able to implement changes more easily.


When joining one of my programmes my clients get ongoing support. Regular check ins and follow up consultations allow me to tailor and fine tune the plan to best suit clients’ needs throughout the various stages. It also gives clients more access to me and added confidence and reassurance. Many clients feel that it gives them accountability which makes it easier to stick to the implemented changes and see success with their health and weight goals more quickly.

About Uta Boellinger

Uta is a BANT Registered Nutritionist ® and Wellness Expert, specialising in fertility and pregnancy.

She is passionate about guiding her clients on their journeys by creating bespoke nutrition plans and providing personalised advice and support.

Uta has combined her interests in food and science with her drive to help others to create a thriving practice. By optimising food intake and lifestyle Uta helps clients to improve their overall health, achieve their ideal weight and maximise fertility.

Book a free discovery session with Uta:  https://calendly.com/cannelle/15min

Email: info@cannelle.co.uk
Website: www.cannelle.co.uk
Instagram: @cannelle_nutrition