Fertility Assessment

We believe every parenting journey should start with a fertility assessment, or fertility MOT as we call them.

We offer fertility MOTs to both NHS and private patients who are worried about their, or their partner’s fertility.  A fertility assessment will help us guide you in your parenting journey, either now or in the future.

One of our fertility doctors will review the your test results, alongside your medical history and lifestyle. They will then provide advice on any lifestyle changes that may be required improve your health, and fertility.

You will receive and a bespoke treatment program tailored specifically to your needs to improve your chances of conceiving.

In this video Dr. Carole Gilling-Smith explains the different fertility MOT options available at The Agora Clinic.

Our female fertility assessment, or fertility MOT, helps to understand your fertility and your ability to conceive.

It involves a blood test, internal pelvic ultrasound scan of your ovaries and a consultation with a doctor.

Male and Female Couple’s fertility assessment is a combination of the tests in the Female and Male Fertility MOTs.

The test results are discussed in a detailed Fertility Consultation with one of our doctors.

This is an ideal option if you are in a same-sex relationship, and you haven’t decided who is to be the genetic parent first.

Ovarian reserve testing allows you to make a better-informed choice.

The Male Fertility assessment includes a semen analysis.

You’ll need to provide a fresh sample of sperm, either at home or in the clinic, and avoid ejaculation for 3-5 days beforehand.

If you prefer to produce a sample at home, remember to ask us for a sample pot. You will then need to bring your sample to your appointment within 30-60 minutes of producing it.

We’ll send a copy of your result to your GP.

The Enhanced Fertility MOT is a more detailed male fertility test which includes some additional tests of sperm health and function.

It gives us a far greater insight into your reproductive health and can be very helpful if previous or home sperm tests have been normal and your infertility remains ‘unexplained’.

The Same Sex Male Couple fertility assessment is an essential step when considering surrogacy.

Both partners have the tests from Enhanced Male Fertility Screening, followed by a detailed consultation with one of our consultants.