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Our Success Rates

The Agora is proud to have the best results in Sussex and London with birth rates well above the national average.

Why Choose the Agora?

The Agora Clinic is the largest and most successful Fertility Clinic in Sussex.

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Fertility Preservation Options

For oncology patients, social reasons or people who are transitioning

Bringing Surrogacy Home

The Agora prides itself on a close relationship with the LGBT community.

Since opening in 2007 we’ve helped bring over 2000 babies into the world. Set in the heart of Brighton on the South English coast, the Agora Clinic has the 7th highest IVF success rates for all ages in the UK and the highest success rates for London and the South East (based on HFEA latest published figures). This has been achieved through the combination of excellence in clinical and scientific expertise combined with exceptional patient support.

We know that, for many people, the journey to becoming a parent is challenging, both medically and emotionally. It can sometimes involve invasive procedures, uncertainty over the outcome and, in some cases, difficult financial decisions. That’s why you need someone you can trust. Our outstanding and dedicated team can offer you the expertise and support you need, every step of your parenting journey.

We believe everyone has the right to have a healthy baby using safe, proven and affordable techniques. We also believe that everyone whatever their race, colour, birth gender and gender identity and sexual orientation should be able to explore their parenting options in a safe and welcoming environment which is why we have become one of the leading centres for LGBT+ fertility care.

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Our Success Rates

Number of Agora Babies born

Since opening in 2012

babies have been conceived at the Agora enabling many to realise their dreams of having a family.

Clinical Pregnancy blastocyst* transfer

*embryo developed in the laboratory for 5 days before
being transferred in the uterus


HFEA official IVF / ICSI Birth Rates per Embryo Transferred

Below are the most up to date success rates published by the HFEA for clinics in London and the South East.

ClinicUnder 38Over 38All ages
The Agora Gynaecology and Fertility Centre371628
Nuffield Health Woking Hospital371226
King's Fertility341426
CARE Tunbridge Wells301626
Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre351425
Sussex Downs Fertility Centre311425
The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health291925
Complete Fertility Centre Southampton28823
Wolfson Fertility Centre, Hammersmith Hospital261723
Boston Place321122
The Lister Fertility Clinic331321
Wessex Fertility Limited281021
London Women's Clinic301220
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital26919
CARE London291118
Guys Hospital24817
London Fertility Centre21811
Newlife Fertility Centre15711
National Average291223


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How to transport frozen sperm, eggs or embryos to the Agora

How to transport frozen sperm, eggs or embryos to the Agora

If you wish to transport frozen sperm, eggs or embryos to the Agora from another UK licensed Clinic or from an IVF clinic abroad the process is straightforward and easy. Our dedicated embryologists and couriers will be delighted to assist you with transferring your...

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TwoDads U.K. COVID19 Support Session – Fertility Preservation

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Does green tea boost fertility?

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