Trans and non-binary parenthood

During the process of gender reassignment, male or female hormones are prescribed. These reduce egg and sperm production. That’s why patients who are transitioning may wish to preserve their fertility for the future by freezing eggs or freezing sperm.

At the Agora, when you come to discuss egg or sperm freezing, we always consider the various ways you might use these to create a family. This will depend on your gender orientation, whether or not you wish to have gender reassignment surgery, and your own preferences.

If you have frozen sperm or eggs, then we’ll probably recommend that these are used in an IVF procedure to create embryos in the laboratory. The embryos can then be transferred to a host surrogate or to a partner with a womb.

“As a transperson, I felt like I had already missed out on enough rites of passage and starting a family was not one I was willing to add to that list. For a long time I thought that wasn’t going to be an option for me but The Agora changed that.”

Megan is our Trans Coordinator.

If you have any Trans questions please contact her