Same Sex and Solo Parenting using a sperm donor

We are delighted to share one of the most popular educational sessions we held during the Modern Family Show in September: ‘Same sex and solo parenting using donor sperm: Talking about the journey’.

This interactive Q & A session was hosted by Michele Gilling-Ulph (Clinical Care Coordinator and Operations Manager at The Agora Clinic) who was joined by four parents who have taken the donor sperm journey to parenthood:

The video highlights some of the many highs and lows as well as challenges faced by those who try to conceive using donor sperm.

November 1st – 5th 2021

National Fertility Awareness Week aims to:

  • change perceptions of fertility and infertility
  • signpost support across all stages of fertility journeys
  • raise funds to enable Fertility Network UK to continue helping all facing fertility issues.