“A great fertility clinic isn’t just one that can give you effective treatment, it is one with compassionate staff, clear pricing, seamless administrative processes and exceptional emotional support.”

These are the opening words on the “Choose a fertility clinic” section of the HFEA website where you will find every IVF clinic’s success rates, inspection reports and customer ratings. The Agora ticks all the boxes when it comes to combining the best possible success rates with exceptional care.

Success rates are now reported on the HFEA website as ‘live birth per embryo transferred’ which is the only measure that can truly showcase if a clinic is applying robust and ethical science to their IVF treatments. Some clinics unnecessarily transfer more than one embryo in a treatment cycle to artificially push up their success rates but this can lead to unacceptably high multiple pregnancy rates, risking both mother and baby’s health.

IVF Success Rates

The Agora has a very low multiple pregnancy rate and one of the highest success rates per embryo transferred amongst all UK clinics that perform more than 150 IVF cycles per year. 

In the latest published figures from the HFEA, the Agora ranks as the 7thin the UK and the 1st fertility clinic in London and South East for live birth rate per embryo transferred across all age groups. 

The Agora has long been renowned for providing exceptional patient care and emotional support and this was formally recognised in December 2019 when the Clinic won the Sussex Business Best Customer Service Award.

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