Dr. Carole Gilling-Smith gives a talk about the different options for lesbian women wanting to use donor sperm. This is part of a larger presentation covering LGBT+ parenting options for same sex female couples, single women and trans patients.

Key topics covered include: 

  • the importance of starting with an assessment of your own fertility so that the right route can be determined if there any issues are found.
  • how to chose your sperm donor, either with a known donor or a licenced sperm bank, the dangers of buying sperm on the internet and the legal implications of using donor sperm for yourself, your legal position.
  • a step-by-step description of the Donor Insemination (DI) process explaining how the egg is fertilised,how the cells develop into an embryo and how the embryo transfer is performed.
  • what are the chances of getting pregnant with donor sperm and how they vary between DI and IVF.
  • shared parenting, where one partner is the genetic mother and her partner the birth mother other. This is also known as ‘Shared motherhood’ or ‘Reciprocal’ IVF
  • using donor eggs. if necessary, and a key role the LGBT+ community plays in helping to donate eggs.
  • fertility preservation and Trans parenting, and how hormone treatments may impact your fertility.

You can watch the whole presentation on donor sperm options for lesbian women below. Alternatively, get in touch to start your parenting journey with the Agora.