Let’s start talking about male infertility

“Studies suggest 9.2 percent of men between the ages
of 15 and 44 have problems with fertility”

Here at the Agora we take male infertility very seriously: to us it really is the other side of the equation, rather than an afterthought to a couple’s fertility treatment. This is why we offer enhanced male fertility screening packages beyond the basic semen analysis offered by the NHS and we engage with the best in the field nationally to guide our clinical management and keep up to date with the latest developments.

If you are concerned about, or affected by, male infertility you may find the following two articles interesting:

It explains why we encourage men to get the vaccinated against COVID-19, as testicles have receptors for this virus. As a result, they are vulnerable to COVID-19 infection, which can severely affect sperm health and men’s fertility.

Author Ben Ashwell describes his struggles  coming to terms with male infertility. Ben has no sperm, in medical terms this is called azoospermia. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, it affects 1 percent of all men and 10 percent of men with fertility issues.


If you are concerned about male infertility issues the Agora can offer tailored counselling support with our counsellor Malcolm Scott.

What is an Enhanced Male Fertility Assessment?

An enhanced male fertility assessment involves more detailed male fertility tests.

It includes some additional tests of sperm health and function. And it gives a far greater insight into your reproductive health.

It can be very helpful if previous or home sperm tests have been normal and your infertility remains ‘unexplained’. Or when these tests have been abnormal but you have not been given an explanation as to why.

Sperm DNA fragmentation (SDF) is known to be higher in infertile men. Testing for Sperm DNA fragmentation measures the quality of sperm as a DNA package carrier, and it therefore is more significant than the parameters analysed in standard semen analyses.

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