The Agora is proud to have been praised by the HFEA for its enormous efforts in supporting patients throughout the early stages of the pandemic, when so many unknowns lay ahead.

During that first lockdown in March 2020, along with all HFEA licensed IVF clinics, as the world took stock of what was happening, we were forced to close our doors to our patients for two very long months.

We immediately recognised the emotional impact this would have on individuals and couples seeking fertility treatment and introduced many ways of engaging with a TTC community and supporting them through those uncertain times and to this day we continue to be recognised for our exceptional patient support. But the pandemic has also brought an enormous the financial toll to many of those wishing to conceive which is why we were so pleased to be able to work closely with our partner Fertility Help Hub on the Fertility Clinics vs. Covid Initiative earlier this year.

This was a unique opportunity for us to give something back and support a couple or individual, who’s dreams could not go ahead due to the impact on them caused by the Covid Pandemic.

There were many applicants, each with very real reasons for needing our help, and our successful couple, Cleo and Sam, were drawn at random. We were so touched by their story as they had to put their dreams of creating a family on hold due to the financial impact of the pandemic on their income and could not have proceeded with treatment without our initiative.

As an LGBTQ+ couple, they were also not entitled to any NHS funding for treatment at the time and the cost to undergo shared motherhood, which was their ideal pathway to parenthood, is very expensive.

Although Cleo and Sam began their journey of shared motherhood with Cleo donating her eggs to Sam, things did go well for Cleo who suffers from severe endometriosis and after carefully talking it through with us, they decided Sam would have IVF treatment using her eggs and she would also carry the pregnancy. This was of course a huge blow to the couple but once they had processed all the information and looked at the pros and cons, they felt this was the best option for them as a couple.

Cleo and Sam have now completed their ‘initiative IVF cycle’ at the Agora and we are incredibly excited to announce the happy news that the couple are now pregnant.

We would like to wish them the very best of luck with their pregnancy.

We are also very proud to announce that the Agora Clinic is the first clinic in the world involved in the Global Fertility Clinics vs. Covid Initiative to achieve a successful pregnancy through fully funding a fertility treatment cycle which is amazing news too!