It’s an oft-repeated fertility mantra: waving your legs in the air will boost your chances of conceiving.  But if you are trying for a baby, you need to sort fact from fiction.  So, is there any truth in it? 

The short answer is no – this is nothing more than an old wives’ tale.  It may make you feel as though you are doing something to give the sperm a nudge in the right direction, but the reality is that they are pretty strong swimmers: nature has designed them to be able to defy gravity.

Far more significant than whether you do a handstand after sex, is the health of your partner’s sperm.  If you are struggling to conceive, this is something we would automatically check when you come to visit us at The Agora Clinic.  What’s more, our experts can provide lots of advice about the changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle to improve the health and motility (swimming strength) of your partner’s sperm to boost your chances of holding your own baby in your arms.  Or you can have a look at our earlier blogs on diet and lifestyle tips to help you conceive.

Carole Gilling-Smith, Consultant Gynaecologist and Medical Director at the Agora Gynaecology & Fertility Centre, says a semen analysis is a very simple way of getting a snapshot of a man’s fertility, but it has limitations that have to be factored in: “It is only a snapshot in time; as it takes up to three months for sperm to form, anything you have been doing or has been happening to you in the three months leading up to the day you produce your sample could affect the result.  For example, if you have been unwell with the ‘flu you may find your sample is poor.  If you have not been careful about alcohol intake or using social drugs then this too may affect your sperm quality.  We will endeavour to advise you on various aspects of your lifestyle including diet and exercise and recommend vitamin supplements including Zinc, Selenium and L-Carnitine.  We then ask you to repeat your sperm test at least 3 months later; often these simple measures result in quite a significant improvement of the semen analysis result.”

Our experts at The Agora Clinic are happy to advise you on the best diet and lifestyle choices you can make to create strong, healthy sperm and maximise your chances of getting pregnant.

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