Free IVF or Donor Sperm – Fertility Clinics vs. Covid

The Agora Clinic in Brighton has partnered with Fertility Help Hub to offer anyone trying for a baby the chance of a free IVF treatment or donor sperm.

Fertility Clinics vs. Covid is a global initiative involving eight fertility providers around the world (seven fertility clinics and one sperm bank), to give eight couples or solo parents the opportunity to receive fertility treatment.

The initiative is in response to financial hardship and disrupted conception plans caused by the COVID-19 pandemic for so many people around the world. Eight people now have the chance of some valuable help to restart their fertility journey by receiving a free IVF treatment or donor sperm.

Dr Carole Gilling-Smith, Medical Director at Agora fertility clinic said:

“Far too many have been cruelly hit by this pandemic, through losing loved ones, their health, their livelihoods and now potentially their chances of a having a much wanted family.

Being involved with Fertility Help Hub in Fertility Clinics Vs Covid is hugely important to us at The Agora as firstly this gives us an opportunity to help a couple or solo mother have a child who might not otherwise be able to afford treatment, and secondly we have a chance to speak out and raise awareness of the immense pressures right now faced by the TTC community as the effects of the pandemic continue to roll on”.

The Agora are helping to raise awareness of the campaign in the UK and were featured on ITV News: 

Free IVF or Donor Sperm – How it works

For the chance to benefit from this big opportunity, simply complete the application form on the Fertility Help Hub website, where you’ll be asked about your fertility journey so far and how the pandemic has affected you.

About Fertility Help Hub

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