The birth of Fertility Telemedicine in the UK: The Agora leads the way

The Agora Clinic in Sussex has pioneered a bespoke Fertility Telemedicine service for their patients, allowing them to complete their infertility investigations and medical consultation safely and accurately from the comfort of their own home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The service uses home testing kits for both men and women which are fully supported by fertility specialists from the clinic using online video technology. This is followed up with a detailed medical consultation with one of their Fertility Consultants. This is the first fertility telemedicine service of its kind in the UK and offers many patients a chance to start their fertility journey during the long wait, as social distancing remains in place and face to face contact is not possible.

Dr Carole Gilling-Smith told the BBC:

Using fertility telemedicine we are offering a virtual fertility MOT so patients dont need to leave their homes. By using simple blood and sperm testing kits patients are able to continue their fertility journey during the current lockdown.

We are so grateful to Danni and Laurie for sharing their experience of this new ‘Virtual Fertility MOT ‘service we are offering with the BBC.

Fertility Assessment

The Agora offer a range of fertility assessment services for women, hetero couples, same sex couples and single men.

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