If you’re trying for a baby, you will come across all kinds of old wives’ tales about what you can do to boost your chances of success.  Some of them are merely bizarre (but you may have fun giving them a go), while some could actually reduce your fertility.  So we’ve decided to bust those fertility myths to help you sort fact from fiction.

Top of the list is that having sex every day will increase you chance of conceiving – after all, it seems to make sense, right?  In fact, research has shown there is no direct correlation between the frequency of sex and the probability of conceiving.  While no sex does equate with a zero chance of conception within a given menstrual cycle, having sex more regularly than every other day does not lead to an obvious increase in the chance of you holding your little bundle of joy in your arms.

Significantly, you are more likely to want sex on the days when you are most fertile (the five days prior to ovulation and the day you ovulate); one study of 68 sexually active women in North Carolina found that on average intercourse was 24% more frequent during this window than at other times in their cycle (excluding the days when they had their periods, as these were not included in the study).  So nature is on your side and is more likely to put you in the mood when you are most ready to conceive, but even during this window, daily sex (or more!) will not boost your chances of conception any more than if you have sex every other day.

Carole Gilling-Smith, Consultant Gynaecologist and Medical Director at the Agora Gynaecology & Fertility Centre advises: “The most important rule aside from having sex during the fertile window is to have sex throughout the cycle, even if this is less often than during the fertile window, as sperm can lose its motility and quality if it is not ejaculated regularly. Some men feel that they need to ‘hold back’ until the fertile window in their partner’s cycle but all this does is lead to a backlog of immotile sperm building up that will be less efficient at swimming up the uterus and down the fallopian tubes to fertilise an egg.”

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