Private fertility treatment is not within the pockets of everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become a parent if you’re struggling with infertility but can’t afford to pay for IVF.

Not only is fertility treatment available on the NHS, leading fertility clinics, such as The Agora, offer treatment to NHS-funded couples, and the treatment we provide is the same, whether you pay for it yourself or not.

NHS-funded couples enjoy the same excellent facilities, service and expertise as those who are paying for their treatment, so there is every reason to give IVF a go if you want to become a parent but can’t pay for private fertility treatment.

As you would expect, there are criteria that you have to meet for treatment on the NHS and restrictions on the treatments available. These are determined by your local Clinical Commissioning Group, so will depend upon where you live.  The number of funded cycles varies, but if you live in Coastal West Sussex, Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex CCGs you may be eligible for up to two IVF cycles, depending upon whether you have had any previous fertility treatment.

With the same success rates for comparable treatments among self-financing and NHS-funded couples, pursuing your dream of becoming a parent doesn’t have to be determined by your bank balance.

If you want to explore whether you are eligible for NHS funding for fertility treatment, your first port of call is to see your GP.