COVID Vaccine and Fertility Treatment – Webinar

Below is a recording of a one hour webinar about the COVID vaccine and Fertility treatments.

Hosted by the Fertility Help Hub, Dr. Carole Gilling-Smith and Michèle Gilling-Ulph from The Agora Clinic explain the different vaccines currently available in the UK and answer a wide range of questions from the audience.

In a very practical manner, the webinar covers:

  • How a vaccine works
  • What COVID vaccines are currently available in the UK
  • The differences between the Pfizer and Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines
  • The myths and mis-information about COVID vaccines and fertility treatments
  • When, or if, patients should take the COVID vaccine if offered it:
    • Should I have the COVID vaccine if I am in the middle of fertility treatment?
    • Should I have the COVID vaccine if I am pregnant?
    • How soon after having COVID can I start treatment?

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