Many couples who are looking to conceive use lubricants, but they can have unexpected adverse effects.

Experiencing some vaginal dryness during sex is normal.  It can be even more of an issue for couples who are actively trying to conceive: a self-reporting internet study of 1,500 ‘trying-to-conceive couples’ found that 75% had increased incidences of vaginal dryness because of having timed intercourse on repeated days around ovulation, the fear of failing at conception and fertility medications.

A quarter of these couples reported always using a vaginal lubricant during intercourse.  However, lubricants – including olive oil and saliva – have been shown to reduce sperm motility, while commercially available products have been shown to reduce sperm vitality as well.

Using lubricants can impact on your chances of conceiving.  If you are experiencing dryness during intercourse, get in touch and our experts will be happy to advise on ways to keep comfortable without impacting on your fertility.