We’ve been told to follow a low-fat diet for decades, but there is some evidence that full-fat might be the solution if you are having trouble conceiving.

The research was carried out by the Harvard School of Public Health who followed 18,555 married, premenopausal women without a history of infertility over an eight-year period as they looked to start a family. During the follow-up phase, 438 women reported infertility due to an ovulatory disorder. Comparing the incidences of infertility with diet, the researchers concluded that a high intake of low-fat foods many increase the risk of anovulatory infertility, whereas intake of high-fat dairy foods may decrease the risk.

Just one portion of full-fat dairy a day was found to help promote more regular cycles, aiding conception. It has been suggested that removing the cream form milk changes its balance of sex hormones in a way that could affect ovulation and conception. So if you’re trying fort a baby, a scoop of ice-cream may be just what he doctor ordered.

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