You may only be a moderate, social drinker, but if you are struggling to conceive, cutting out alcohol altogether could be the change you need to make to fulfil your dream of having a baby.

It’s probably not a surprise that heavy drinking damages your fertility.  In one study, only 12% of the men who were classed as heavy drinkers had normal sperm.  However, even moderate concentrations of alcohol have been shown to impact on sperm motility and morphology.

For women, it is also true that the more you drink the greater the impact on your ability to conceive, however academics behind a study of more than 7,000 women in Sweden concluded that there was no difference in the rates of miscarriage, extra-uterine pregnancy and pelvic inflammatory disease between women who drank a lot and those who drank moderately.

Another study of 124 women found they were 50% less likely to conceive during a menstrual cycle in which they had consumed alcohol than a month when they had none.  Their recommendation was that women who are attempting to conceive should abstain altogether.

Even a glass of your favourite wine each evening can impact on your baby’s health.  A study in Leeds found that women who drank while trying to conceive were more likely to have small babies, while a survey of 1,498  women found that drinking more than five units of alcohol a week and 375mg of caffeine a day may increase the risk of spontaneous abortion.

While many couples conceive successfully while enjoying the occasional glass, if you are struggling to conceive, abstinence could help you get the positive pregnancy test result you are longing for.

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