The Agora Clinic in Brighton has partnered with Fertility Help Hub as part of the “Fertility Clinics vs. Covid” initiative to help support those trying for a baby who have been hit by the financial hardship and disrupted conception plans caused by the Covid pandemic. 

We are very proud to have been part of this Fertility Clinics vs. Covid global initiative, along with seven other fertility providers around the world. From the 2000 applications received, Cleo and Sam were chosen at random to receive full financial support for their first round of IVF treatment at the Agora in a shared motherhood program using donor sperm. 

Dr Carole Gilling-Smith, Medical Director and CEO of the Agora said:

“We are over the moon for this lovely couple as they embark on their fertility journey of hope with us. Without our help, they might not have been be able to start their fertility journey with us this year or even next, and time was not on their side.

Out of this terrible pandemic, which has led to so much loss of life and hardship, it means so much to all of us at the Agora to be able to help Cleo and Sam achieve their dreams of becoming parents. As they go through their fertility journey with us, they will share their experience and thoughts through a series of blogs and videos which we hope will inspire and support many others on their road to parenthood.”

The ’Fertility Clinics vs. Covid initiative was set up by Eloise Edington, Founder and CEO of Fertility Help Hub and former fertility patient herself who said:

“Our initiative grew out of the disruption to conception plans and also financial hardship caused by the pandemic. We are very excited for Sam and Cleo about this opportunity to help them #restartthejourneywith the Agora, and we hope this brings them the baby they long for.”

In this video, Dr Carole Gilling-Smith speaks to Cleo and Sam about how they felt receiving this wonderful news and their fertility hopes and plans for the future. 

When asked about how the couple felt about sharing their LGBT parenting story, Cleo said:

Without the conversations, maybe people just dont’ get it. So we are quite open to sharing all of our journey.