Your first appointment

  • When you come to your first appointment we will ask you to provide us with proof of your identity (for example, a passport or driving licence)
  • We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before the start of your first consultation to ensure we have time to check all your documentation and help you with any questions you may have
  • If you have a partner, we would encourage you to bring him/her with you; alternatively, you are very welcome to bring a friend or relative
  • You can also request a chaperone to be present at any time

During the consultation, your consultant will use your patient history booklet to fill in some documentation and will then discuss your options with you so that you can agree a treatment plan. There will be plenty of time for you to ask questions and if, after the consultation, you still have concerns, our reception staff, patient liaison officer or nurses will be happy to help you and will ask the doctor to contact you if you wish.