Coronavirus update: 9th May 2020

Agora Coronavirus update: 9th May 2020

We are aware of the stress and anxiety that the closure of all IVF clinics due to the COVID-19 has caused all fertility patients, at whatever stage they have been on their journey, but we are delighted to announce that we will be applying to the HFEA on Monday May 11th to restart all our treatments. In the meantime we are offering our Virtual Fertility MOTs as well as a number of on-site investigations in preparation for treatment.

Restarting Treatments

The safety of our patients and our staff is our upmost priority, as well as that of our regulatory body the HFEA.

The HFEA require all licensed clinics to follow the same process. No treatments can start and no patient can be started on any medication until the clinic receives confirmation from their HFEA inspector that they have satisfied them that they can provide a safe environment at all times.

We have worked hard as a multidisciplinary team to prepare a detailed COVID-19 Treatment Commencement Strategy as specified by the HFEA which includes:

  • all the measures we have or are implementing to comply based on current National and International Guidance on safe and effective treatment including mitigating actions to reduce risks
  • all completed risk assessments and mitigating actions in relation to each risk
  • all practical and logistical actions taken to deliver safe treatment and in a manner that mitigates risks arising from and associated with COVID-19, for both patients and staff
  • reference to all new and revised operating procedures which have been developed to enable all our investigations and treatments to resume safely whilst maintaining compliance with the Government’s current requirements relating to freedom of movement and social distancing

The HFEA will ask us to complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire on May 11th. As a result of the detailed strategy we have put in place, we are in a position to provide all the necessary evidence to support our answers to this Questionnaire.

They have advised they will respond to our application within 5 working days. So realistically we do not expect our HFEA Inspector to approve our application and allow us to restart until the end of next week or more likely the week beginning 18th May.

We will post a further update as soon as we have the green light from the HFEA to resume treatments. At that stage, if you have had your treatment suspended as a result of the COVID-19 situation or are waiting to start treatment, expect to hear from us within a week of our restart date being confirmed so we can advise you of your next steps and start dates. As you know we have kept in touch with all those of you on our waiting list on a regular basis. So rest assured we have a plan for you!

What can you do in preparation for Treatment?

In the meantime we continue to offer our Virtual Fertility MOTs to allow all new patients to start their fertility journey in complete safety and complete their investigations at home with sperm and blood test kits. We are also now offering some investigations on site for those that need these to prepare for treatment or for whom home testing is not appropriate. These include blood tests, ultrasound scans and semen analysis (provided the sample is produced at home). If you wish to make an appointment for a Fertility MOT or investigations please contact us.