The most recent estimate in 2019 suggests there were 105,200 people living with HIV in the UK. Of these, around 6,600 are undiagnosed so do not know they are HIV positive.

One of TwoDads UK missions listed on our website is titled; Positive Surrogacy. We are going to focus a portion of our time to campaign for equal fertility treatment of those living with HIV, who want to access Surrogacy as a way to build their family.


UK AIDS Day 2020 – did you know?

  • There were approximately 38 million people across the globe with HIV/AIDS in 2019. Of these, 36.2 million were adults and 1.8 million were children (under 15 years old).
  • An estimated 1.7 million individuals worldwide acquired HIV in 2019, marking a 23% decline in new HIV infections since 2010.
  • Did you know that having an undetectable viral load when you are taking HIV treatment (ART) also stops HIV transmission?

Dr. Carole Gilling-Smith commented:

‘I will always be extremely grateful to the Elton John Foundation as they provided the initial funding that allowed us to get the sperm washing project started at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in the late 90’s and this turned out to be the start of safe family building for those living with HIV in the UK at the time. Two decades on, there is another battle to be had on behalf of those living with HIV from the LGBTQ+ community, but I am confident we will win it.’

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