We are delighted to announce the official launch of our partnership with TwoDads UK and we are incredibly excited by the plans we are putting together to support those who wish to create a family through surrogacy.

Michael Johnson-Elis and his husband Wes founded TwoDads UK to normalise same-sex parenting for gay couples and intended fathers. To begin with, they did this through the telling of their own journey to becoming fathers; first to their daughter Talulah three years ago and then last year to their son Duke. They showed for the first time that modern family building through surrogacy for the LGBTQ+ community can happen in the UK but during their journey, they sadly also experienced many of the pitfalls and shortfalls of what was really at the time only a skeleton service. They have worked tirelessly over these last 3 years, with professionals and support groups alike, to explore ways of changing things for the better and we are so honoured to have been chosen as a partner clinic to support that work.

I have known Mike and Wes for nearly 3 years and been delighted to work with them on various projects to educate and inform intended fathers of their choices and options. Our shared mission at the Agora will be to empower all intended parents with the same freedom of reproductive choice, education and support as everyone else in our fertility community and help make their journey to parenthood as seamless and fulfilling as we possibly can.

This is part of our wider pledge to the LGBTQ+ community of helping everyone realise their dreams of becoming parents, however complex that might seem at first glance. We know this starts with taking the time from the outset to educate every single person who approaches us of their reproductive options so that they can make an informed choice with both professional guidance and emotional support. However a surrogacy parenting journey can be a very long one and we know that with our TwoDads UK partnership, all our patients will be completely supported from start to finish.

We are also delighted to be working with Mike and Wes on the Modern Family Show next year in London on March 20th.  As the Educational Sponsor, the Agora is keen to ensure every aspect of LGBTQ fertility care is covered in the various educational seminars during this amazing event.