Refer a patient

Private referral

Patients can refer themselves to the Agora either by attending one of our open evenings, simply calling in or completing the online request to make an appointment.

If the initial appointment is for fertility advice, it can be helpful if you have already had some fertility screening investigations carried out before your first appointment with the consultant. If these have been carried out at another clinic, please bring the results along to your first appointment.

Private referral by your GP

Your GP can write to us to request an appointment and, if they are able to provide the results of any previous investigations that have been carried, this may save them being repeated.

Once we have received a letter from your GP, we will contact you within five days and invite you to come along to an appointment for some initial tests and/or a consultation.

NHS referral

Patients can choose to be referred through their GP for NHS funded treatment at the Agora. The GP will run basic fertility tests for both male and female patients to ensure that they are eligible for funding. Once these initial investigations have been completed the couple will be seen by a fertility specialist before being referred to the Agora via the NHS Pathway.