Rainbow Elephants – “isolated, but never alone”

We are so grateful to Caroline Gosden, a local artist and Agora patient, for this beautiful painting with such poignant and touching words. This has meant so much to all of the team during these difficult Covid times.

2020 was such a challenging year for everyone and, for far too many, filled with sadness, loss and uncertainty. Although we were not able to make everyone’s dreams of a child come true, we committed ourselves to bring hope, support and comfort to all our patients whenever it was needed and will continue to do so long after this pandemic is over.

Professionally the team has never worked harder, nor been more challenged, than during this past year but being able to help our patients navigate their way through the crisis of lockdown, and provide them with the treatments they needed as soon as we reopened, has been an absolute privilege and honour and given us all a great sense of purpose.

When the history books are written and we remember the many lives lost, we hope a chapter will also be written about the new lives and families that came to be through the hard work of fertility clinics like ours during this pandemic.

“Thank you to The Agora Team for the excellent care and support given in such a challenging year. Here’s hoping my Rainbow Elephants spread a little comfort and joy to all staff and patients who have had to support each other through fertility treatment in a year like no other. We may have been isolated but the Agora Family made sure we were never alone.”

Caroline Gosden