Ali Boots

Ali Boots

Nursing Associate NHS Nurse Coordinator

Ali joined the clinic In 2007 having been spotted by Carole as a young talented school leaver with an incredibly warm heart. Ali has amassed a huge experience and knowledge of infertility over the last 13 years and now looks after our NHS program as well as being an active member of our nursing team.

In 2019 she was voted as the team player who goes “above and beyond the call of duty looking after our patients”.

“I am likely to first see you for your nurse consultation. However I may also see you for your IUI, during your egg collection, scanning for your Embryo transfer, or be taking your blood test.

It is a privilege to be able to help people through a sometimes difficult and anxious time. I hope that I can make it feel a little less daunting and make sure that patients feel informed and supported during their journey with the Agora.“