The Agora Nursing Team

Our nursing team places the upmost importance on providing our patients with exceptional patient support throughout their fertility journey.

Michèle Gilling-Ulph BA

Operations Manager
& Communications Lead

Paula Smith

Nurse Manager

Victoria Powell RN

Senior Fertility Nurse

Marianne Noakes RN

Senior Fertility Nurse &
Egg Donation Lead

Jo Hill RN

Senior Fertility Nurse

Larraine Bell RN

Senior Fertility Nurse

Samantha Backley BSc

Fertility Nurse

Sophie Cook BSc

Fertility Nurse

Melodie Squire Bsc

Fertility Nurse

Niki Finney

Fertility Recovery Nurse

Ali Boots

Nursing Associate &
NHS Nurse Coordinator

Sharon Wasika


“There are absolutely no words to describe how amazingly thankful we are to everyone at The Agora. You absolutely made our dreams come true.”