Carole Gilling-Smith

Carole Gilling-Smith

CEO, Founder & Medical Director

Carole graduated in Medicine from Cambridge in 1984 and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (FRCOG). Over her career she has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the field of reproductive medicine and infertility.

She was awarded a Medical Research Council Training Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine in 1990 and completed her PhD thesis on the genetics of polycystic ovary syndrome whilst working as a Clinical Fellow in Reproductive Medicine at St Mary’s Hospital in London. She pursued further research there on pelvic pain and recurrent miscarriage as a Clinical Lecturer and Senior Registrar before being appointed Director of the Chelsea & Westminster Assisted Conception Unit in 2000. There she developed the UK’s first fertility programme for HIV infected patients and remains a national and international expert on the management of patients with viral illness who are trying to conceive safely.

She has an extensive research portfolio and lectures both nationally and internationally. She has published over 50 peer review academic papers as well as numerous book chapters on a diverse range of fertility related topics including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), male infertility, pelvic pain, bleeding in early pregnancy and the fertility management of patients with viral illness.

She founded the Agora in 2007 which is now the largest and most successful fertility centre in Sussex offering care to both NHS and private patients. Being in the heart of Brighton, she strove to ensure the Agora embraced the diverse needs of the local community and led the way nationally in developing a bespoke programs of care to enable all those in the LGBT+ community achieve their dreams of starting a family.

Carole is passionate about fertility education and believes that all patients should have a clear understanding of their diagnosis and treatment options before they embark on treatment. She also strives to dispel fertility myths and taboos and regularly speaks to adolescents and young adults about the plethora of reproductive possibilities that a young person growing up in the 21st century should be aware of.

Carole is married to Stephen Ulph, who built the Agora Clinic, and they have 3 children. When she is not busy at the Clinic, Carole loves being a Mum, running in the beautiful South Downs National Park and playing jazz saxophone.

Carole’s Scientific Research Publications

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