Violetta Soura

Violetta Soura

Clinical Embryologist

Violetta joined the Agora team in 2016. She is a Clinical Embryologist, and in 2021 she has successfully achieved STP Equivalence Certification for Clinical Embryologists. Violetta is ICSI trained and competent in all clinical embryology procedures and registered with the HCPC as a Clinical Scientist. Violetta has an active role in laboratory QMS and management of the cryobank.

She obtained her BSc in Molecular Biology at the University of Manchester before completing an MSc in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology at the University of Sussex. She went on to conduct research on Motor Neuron Disease, and in 2009, she was awarded with a PhD in Biochemistry by the University of Sussex.

Following two successful post-doctoral posts with published work at various peer reviewed journals and conferences, she decided to follow her passion in reproductive science and enter the field of Clinical Embryology.

Violetta’s Scientific Research Publications


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