George Koustas

George Koustas

Director of Embryology & Quality Manager

George joined the Agora in August 2017 as Scientific Director. He has a passion for delivering an excellent laboratory service within the context of our individualised, patient-focused treatment programs of care, which are central to the Agora’s philosophy.

George is a Consultant Clinical Embryologist and a Fellow of the Academy of Health Care Sciences (AHCS). He is also a member of the Education SIG (Special Interest Group) responsible for the training and education services offered by ARCS and National School of Health Care Science (NSHCS) programmes. George is a Practitioner of the Chartered Quality Institute (PCQI) and certified by BFS in Quality Management of a Fertility Service. Involved through NSHCS in curriculum review (STP) for specialty in Embryology.

He works very closely with the Medical Director to ensure success is achieved in even the most challenging cases. He also recognises the importance of facilitating good communication between patients and our laboratory staff. He leads and mentors a team of experienced Clinical Embryologists and has an excellent track record in embryology research.

George’s career in Clinical Embryology has been both in the UK and Sydney. Following his BSc (Hons) in Molecular Biology and Genetics at Liverpool John Moore University he was awarded a Masters in Assisted Reproductive Technology at the University of Nottingham. He went on to complete a PhD in Embryology whilst working as a Clinical Embryologist at Westmead Fertility Centre at the University of Sydney followed by a position as a Clinical Embryologist and Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

His most recent appointment before joining the Agora was as the Scientific Director of Cryos International where he directed multiple andrology laboratories across Denmark, Spain and the USA. His research interests include optimisation and preimplantation embryo susceptibility to in vitro laboratory stress and ART as well as epigenetics. His research has been presented at National and International conferences.

George’s Scientific Research Publications

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