Embryology Team

The Agora laboratory is home to the very latest scientific processes and protocols as well as the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

We recognise that the way eggs, sperm, and embryos are handled and cultured has a significant impact on their development, influencing the chances of a successful outcome. Our approach is to combine scientific precision with human expertise to create the most natural environment in which to grow new life. Our spacious IVF laboratory is also equipped with a very high-quality air filtration system which eliminates all contaminants and common air impurities.

Our laboratory team believe passionately in meticulous attention to detail and scientific excellence to ensure every single patient has the very best chance of achieving a pregnancy.

Dr George Koustas


Director of Embryology & Quality Manager

Dr Victoria Gallego

MSc Phd

Senior Clinical Embryologist

Anita Chau MSc

Senior Clinical Embryologist 


Dr Violetta Soura MSc Phd

Clinical Embryologist

Mihaela Popa Msc

Laboratory Technician

Katie Noble MSc

Clinical Embryologist

“The quality of the embryology laboratory is the foundation of any IVF program.” 

George Koustas, Director of Embryology

Director of Embryology, The Agora