Make an appointment

IMG_9408Private patients
You can be seen as a private patient either through self-referral or being referred by your GP or consultant. We encourage patients to obtain a doctor’s referral letter as this often provides us with useful background information and may avoid the need to repeat certain investigations.

Once you have booked an appointment you will be sent our Patient Guide via email along with a patient history booklet, registration and consent forms to complete before your first consultation. You will also be sent a price list that includes details of funding options. We ask that these are returned via email at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. We encourage our patients to bring copies of all previous correspondence, investigations and details of any gynaecological or fertility treatment they have had previously, as this can avoid the need to repeat investigations and can help to plan further treatment. Your local GP or medical centre should be able to provide you with a full copy of your medical records for this purpose.

NHS patients
If you have been referred to have fertility treatment at the Agora as an NHS patient, we will send you an appointment letter asking you to attend (with your partner if appropriate) for a consultation in order to arrange your treatment once your funding has been confirmed. You will be asked to complete a patient history booklet and registration forms before your first consultation. If you have previously had any relevant investigations and/or treatment privately, please bring copies of any information to your first appointment, unless your consultant has already forwarded these on to us. A copy of your NHS fertility record will automatically be sent to us by your referring consultant.