Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

IUI is the simplest form of assisted conception (help with becoming pregnant). It involves injecting specially prepared sperm into the womb.

Before we can recommend this treatment, we need to know whether the fallopian tubes are open (patent) and healthy. We usually advise that you have a urine test to check for chlamydia. If this is positive, you’ll be offered a tubal patency test such as a HyCoSy.

An IUI treatment cycle can either be natural (without medication) or medicated (using injections that boost egg production). The insemination itself is timed to correspond with ovulation so that you have the best possible chance of becoming pregnant. Insemination can be with your partner’s or donor sperm.

What does IUI involve?

The procedure is similar to having a cervical screening test. During a speculum examination a fine catheter is passed through your cervix to allow the sperm to pass directly into the womb

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