Fertility Preservation and Storage

Fertility preservation gives you the option of becoming a parent in the future, if you wish. We can freeze eggs, sperm or embryos in a number of different situations.

We have a fast track pathway for oncology patients who are about to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy and wish to freeze their eggs or sperm to preserve their fertility.

We also help people who are transitioning, as well as people preserving their fertility for social reasons.

Fertility preservation before cancer treatment

For women, the egg freezing process takes between 12 and 14 days from the day of starting ovarian stimulation up to egg collection. Our protocols make sure that the stimulation process starts without delay, regardless of the day of your cycle.

Sperm freezing before cancer treatment

For men, the sperm can be frozen on the same day. We also provide services for alternative methods of sperm collection should a patient have difficulty producing sperm.

Fertility preservation before transitioning

We believe that all trans and non-binary people should be given the option to preserve their fertility and more importantly feel empowered with the right amount of knowledge to make these important decisions.  We can offer this technique for trans and non-binary people if you’re about to start hormone therapy during gender reassignment.

Social Egg Freezing

If you’re worried about your biological clock but aren’t yet ready to start a family, we offer a Social Egg Freezing program. The rationale behind freezing your eggs whilst you are young is that you are born with all the eggs you will ever have and egg numbers and therefore fertility begins to decline in your early thirties.