Donor egg or sperm treatments

I need a sperm donor

There are a number of reasons why you may need to use donated sperm (ie, sperm that is not from your partner) and it can be used in different types of fertility treatment including IUI, …. read more

I need donor eggs

Egg donation is often recommended if you are unable to produce your own eggs. This might be because you have reduced ovarian reserve, or you have gone through the menopause …. read more

I want to donate my eggs

I want to donate eggs

We welcome enquiries from altruistic egg donors and egg sharers. In order to donate eggs, you need to be a non-smoker aged between 18 and 35 …. read more

What is Egg Sharing?

At the Agora, we offer an egg sharing programme which can provide an affordable solution for those women needing IVF or ICSI who are willing, as part of their treatment, to …. read more

I want to donate sperm

I want to donate sperm

Donating sperm is an amazing gift that helps thousands of people each year to fulfil their dreams of having a family …. read more