Egg freezing for oncology patients

We offer a rapid access egg freezing service for oncology patients in Sussex. You may need to have surgery to remove some cancerous cells or you may have been advised  to start chemotherapy or radiotherapy urgently. We are here to help advise you on your options if you wish to freeze your eggs first to preserve your fertility.

We’ll offer you an appointment with one of our Fertility Consultants within 48 hours of you contacting us. They will carry out a rapid assessment of your situation and discuss your options for fertility preservation and storage. We’ll carry out any necessary tests on the same day and can design an individualised program of care based on your diagnosis and needs.

We have specifically tailored programs and information leaflets for young adults needing to freeze eggs or sperm.

Egg Freezing Service

If you wish to freeze eggs, we will start the egg freezing treatment process without any delay, regardless of where you are in your cycle.

Most patients need 12 to 14 days of hormone injections to stimulate their ovaries before they are ready to have their eggs collected. Our protocols are designed to minimise any risk of side-effects or potential harm so that your surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy is not unnecessarily delayed. In some cases, we can offer two back-to-back ovarian stimulation cycles (Duo Stim). This enables more eggs to be collected before you start your treatment.

What are the steps involved in egg freezing?

Going through an egg freezing cycle is not as complicated as you might think. It involves a number of steps (see our patient journey diagram):


  1. Fertility MOT and Consultation
  2. Nurse Consultation
  3. Ovarian stimulation
  4. Egg collection
  5. Laboratory process to freeze eggs

How to refer a patient to the Agora

Detailed instructions for Doctors wishing to refer patients for fertility preservation.

Same sex couples and single women:

Wednesday 12th January at 6.00 pm

Hetero couples:

Wednesday 19th January at 6.00 pm