Medical Consultation

Your Consultant will ask about your medical history and then review any relevant investigations, including your Fertility MOT if you’ve had one. They’ll explain all your test results to you and discuss your treatment options. In some cases, they may recommend further investigations. These are very detailed consultations, and we encourage you to come with your partner if they are to be involved in the parenting journey. Or you can bring a friend or relative to support you if you are single.

If a treatment such as insemination or IVF is agreed, your Consultant will prepare an individualised treatment plan for you. If you don’t have NHS funding, they will also explain the costs and different payment options. If you decide to go ahead, we’ll book a Nurse Consultation for you to start your treatment.

“I cannot thank The Agora Clinic more for making my dreams come true and creating my perfect little family.”

Same sex couples and single women:

Wednesday 12th January at 6.00 pm

Hetero couples:

Wednesday 19th January at 6.00 pm