Female Fertility Assessment

How does a Fertility Assessment help?

Our female fertility assessment, or fertility MOT, helps to understand your fertility and your ability to conceive. It involves a blood test, internal pelvic ultrasound scan of your ovaries and a consultation with a doctor. 

  • the blood test measures the anti-mullerian hormone (AMH ), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH ), luteinising hormone (LH) and oestradiol. It is normally done between day 2 and 4 of your cycle.
  • the internal scan allows us to count the number of ‘antral follicles’ (small fluid-filled sacs) which are present on each ovary. Sometimes it’s possible to have your scan on the same day you see the doctor, although the blood test is usually done a few days before so that we have the result back in time to see the doctor.

  • one of our fertility doctors will review the tests to assess your levels of ovarian reservealongside your medical history and lifestyle.  They will then provide advice on any lifestyle changes that may be required improve your health, fertility and ultimately your chances of conceiving.