EmbryoGlue – Which Patients Can Benefit From It?

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Blog

If you’ve been researching fertility treatments, you’ve probably heard of the new product EmbryoGlue. But is it right for you?

EnbryoGlue does what its name suggests: it helps embryos stick. It therefore helps with implantation. The magic ingredient is hyaluronic acid (HA), which is found naturally in the fallopian tubes, the oviduct and the uterus. No-one quite understands how it works, but studies have suggested that it may help with cell proliferation, and adhesion, helping embryos to attach to the uterus wall.

It is used during the transfer process, when the embryo is immersed briefly in the EmbryoGlue. It has been shown to increase take-home baby rates by 8%, when compared to transfer mediums without HA or containing lower levels of it.

As its role is to aid implantation, EmbryoGlue is of greatest benefit to women who have had earlier miscarriages or have had previous implantation failure during an IVF cycle. ‘The Agora Clinic is delighted to offer EmbryoGlue free of charge to all women who have previously had failed IVF cycles or suffered a miscarriage,’ explains our embryologist, Damian Pike.

Agora experts are happy to discuss with all our patients whether EmbryoGlue could help boost their chances of IVF success.

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