EmbryoGlue – How Successful Is It?

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Blog

EmbryoGlue has had a lot of attention from the press for increasing take-home baby rates. But how much difference could it make to your chance of successful IVF?

With headlines such as ‘Miracle Baby!’ it can be easy to think that EmbryoGlue is a magic wand for all women undergoing fertility treatment. But, the truth is never quite as straight forward as the headlines.

EmbryoGlue certainly seems to be helping women undergoing IVF come closer to their dream of having a baby. EmbryoGlue is a medium that helps in the crucial period from transfer to implantation; it contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is found naturally in the fallopian tubes, the oviduct and the uterus. Meta-analysis from the independent research network Cochrane Collaboration found that using EmbryoGlue for transfer led to an overall increase of 8% in the live birth date, compared to a medium with low or no HA.

‘We don’t understand exactly how hyaluronan aids implantation, but the improved success rates are certainly encouraging,’ says The Agora Clinic’s embryologist, Damian Pike. ‘The main benefit is for women who have had previous miscarriages or implantation problems. As we use it with more patients, we will be tracking our success rates when we use EmbryoGlue during transfer so we can give women realistic advice about what it could mean for them.’

The Agora is happy to advise all patients as to whether EmbryoGlue could be beneficial in their fertility treatment.

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