Egg sharing

At the Agora, we offer an egg sharing programme which can provide an affordable solution for those women needing IVF or ICSI who are willing, as part of their treatment, to donate some of their surplus eggs to another woman to help her become a mother. Egg sharing does not mean that you or the person you share your eggs with will have a lower success rate.

If you are considering sharing your eggs, it is really important to understand exactly what will be involved and have the opportunity to consider anything that might affect you or your family in the future. We can answer your questions and provide full support and counselling for women considering this option, as well as helping you to access appropriate legal advice.

Who can egg share?
If you are 35 or under and produce healthy eggs but you need IVF treatment, you may be suitable for egg sharing; in return the Agora will provide your own IVF treatment at a subsidised cost.

What is meant by a ‘subsidised cost’?

Your IVF cycle will be free of charge but you will need to pay for your medication and any additional services such as ICSI or blastocyst culture.

To find out more, you can download our patient information leaflet about egg sharing.