Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

Sperm can be stored from ejaculated samples taken over a series of visits to the Agora. These can be produced at the clinic, although you can produce these at home, provided the samples can be delivered to the clinic within one hour.

What does sperm freezing involve?

You’ll be given an appointment for a semen assessment and medical consultation to review your fertility and discuss your needs. Then your Consultant will prepare an individualised program of care, and you’ll be offered counselling as well as other support options. We generally recommend two or three visits to the clinic to store sperm as part of the sperm freeze program.

What if I’ve already started hormone therapy?

If you’ve already started hormone therapy or you’re taking puberty suppressing medication you’ll need to have a Consultation with one of our doctors. This is to discover whether fertility preservation is possible. Hormone treatment suppresses egg and sperm production so you might need to stop taking hormone treatment for a while if you wish to go ahead. Before making this decision, a Consultant will guide you through the possible consequences of temporarily stopping hormone treatment. Please note that stopping hormone medication doesn’t guarantee a return to normal fertility.

NHS Funding

The Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Sussex will fund fertility preservation if you are attending an NHS Gender Identity Clinic. We advise you to speak to your GP in case they aren’t aware of these recent changes in policy regarding fertility preservation.

If you’re having treatment privately, you won’t be able to get NHS funding. Please see our price list for the costs of egg or sperm freezing.

Same sex couples and single women:

Wednesday 12th January at 6.00 pm

Hetero couples:

Wednesday 19th January at 6.00 pm