COVID-19 Update 12th May

We are delighted to announce that the HFEA has advised us we can reopen for all fertility treatments with immediate effect.

We are also open for other services including fertility consultations, investigations, early pregnancy monitoring and female health screening. All consultations and fertility MOTS will where possible continue to be conducted remotely through Zoom and using our home testing sperm and hormone profile kits.

The safety of our patients and of our staff remains our highest priority and in line with the HFEA requirements, we have developed a detailed COVID-19 Treatment Commencement Policy. This has assessed any potential risks to patients and/or staff that could be present at every step of the patient journey through the clinic. In order to mitigate these risks, a number of measures have been introduced. We have provided information on these in our updated COVID-19 Patient Information which can be found in our Patient Portal.

If you have had your treatment suspended as a result of COVID-19 and the HFEA Directive on 23rd March which advised all clinics to stop treatments, please rest assured you are on our ‘Waiting to restart treatment’ database. You are also on our database if you have had a consultation and decided to start a new cycle of treatment, whatever that treatment might be. We are resuming all fertility treatments. We have developed a transparent Triage system to ensure everyone who is waiting to start fertility treatment will be treated fairly. Information on this triage system is explained in our COVID-19 Patient Information.

All patients on our ‘Waiting to start treatment’ database will have received a phone call from a member of our team last week to give them an indication of when their treatment is likely to start. If you are on that list and were advised that if you want to start your treatment, your likely start date will be in the next 4 weeks, expect a call from our nursing team this week to set up your dates and complete the preparation for starting treatment. This will include providing you with all the advice you need on dates and medication to take.