Having treatment for fertility problems can cause difficult and often painful emotions for those involved. These feelings can be difficult to control and can cause enormous emotional, physical or financial stress. Being unable to have a child naturally, the fear of never being able to conceive, or a sense of bereavement if you have had a miscarriage, can make you feel that your whole future and sense of purpose is being threatened or on hold, or that you have ‘failed’. Relationships sometimes become strained, often because each partner is dealing with the situation differently. Although this is very normal, it can cause people to feel confused and isolated.

All patients at the Agora are offered specialist independent fertility counselling before, during and after treatment. The fertility counsellor is available to help you talk openly about your feelings and provide guidance and advice as needed. Anything you discuss with the counsellor will be treated as strictly confidential and will not affect your treatment.

For women or couples who are considering having treatment with donor eggs or donor sperm, it is particularly important to have counselling so that you can explore all the implications, both for you and your child. Counselling can provide you with time and a quiet space where you can explore and consider the things that are worrying you.