Latest update April 10th 2020

We have now completed all treatment cycles started before 22nd March.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I be able to restart treatment?

The simple answer is we do not know at this time when the Government will lift the current lockdown and as a result of this when the HFEA will allow treatments to restart. However you can rest assured that at the Agora we have kept a vigilant eye on everyone who was due to start treatment before the lockdown was imposed and we anticipate bringing you through for treatment in chronological order without any unnecessary delay once we can restart treatment cycles. In the meantime you will be getting regular updates from our team as we continue to provide you with many different patient support options.

Can I still have a follow-up consultation if my treatment failed?

Yes, please book a Zoom video consultation with one of our Consultants so we can review your cycle and make a plan for further treatment.

Can I still have a nurse consultation to plan my next treatment?

Yes, please contact us to arrange your Zoom video consultation with one of our nurses. You will not be able to finalise your dates or order your medication but we will cover everything else we would normally do in a nurse consultation.

Is it safe to try and get pregnant naturally?

Our current knowledge of the impact of COVID-19 on pregnancy is reassuring. The latest guidance published by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) Coronavirus infection and pregnancy does not indicate there is any added risk of coronavirus to pregnant women or to their developing baby. Neither does It appear that infection increases the risk of pregnancy loss or fetal complications. It is therefore reasonable to try and conceive naturally if that is possible whilst waiting for treatments to resume.

Patient support

We are known for our excellent patient support and know that right now this is more important than ever. We have adapted many of our patient support options to the ‘virtual’ social distancing measures imposed upon us.

We are offering virtual Patient Support sessions, counselling through Skype as well as weekly Q & A with myself through our closed Facebook Group, Agora Friends.

  • If you are already a patient, we continue to respond to your questions through our various channels, including the Salve App and Agora Friends (please message us if you want to find out how to join our closed Facebook group Agora Friends).
  • Our Counsellors Malcolm and Heather are available for counselling support through telephone or skype.
  • We are offering regular ‘Virtual Patient Support’ sessions (please email mmgu@agoraclinic to book in)