Virtual Open Evenings

Same sex couples and single women:

Monday 15th November at 6.00 pm

Hetero couples:

Monday 29th November at 6.00 pm

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Free Webinars – Your Fertility Options

We run different virtual opening in two or three times a month on different topics:

Heterosexual Couple Open Evening

  • We cover the type of fertility investigations you need to have if you are trying to conceive and you had difficulty and the sort of treatment options that we would be looking at offering you particularly looking at IVF treatment or in trying semination treatment.

Same Sex Couples and Single Women Open Evening

  • We focus on donor sperm treatments and surrogacy. This can also be very useful for single people who want to have a chance.

The aim of these open evenings is to share our expertise, present the parenting options available and answer your questions. Our Medical Director, or one of the other consultants, present the fertility options,  and what the treatments involve. You will have the chance to ask questions both in a group, or if you prefer privately via email or a separate video call.

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