Preparing for pregnancy

Can cycling make men infertile?

Can cycling make men infertile?

“Cycling just five hours a week ‘could damage a man’s fertility’” – that was a Daily Mail headline in 2010. But is there any truth in it? The Daily Mail article summarised findings from a research project at Boston University, which surveyed 2,200 men attending...

FERTILITY MYTHS BUSTED 22: Exercise can only improve fertility

Being fit and healthy will boost your fertility, right? Absolutely! But excessive exercise can actually have the opposite effect. The reproductive system of both men and women is tightly tied up with energy balance. Both extremes of the energy spectrum can impact...

FERTILITY MYTHS BUSTED 21: Taking drugs does not impact on fertility

You probably know that taking illegal drugs during pregnancy is not a good idea. But if you are trying to get pregnant, there is compelling evidence that recreational drugs could reduce your fertility. Recreational drug users often claim there are no side effects to...

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