About the Agora

Pioneering Medical and Scientific teams

We believe everyone has the right to have a healthy baby using safe, proven and affordable techniques. We know that, for many people, the journey to becoming a parent is challenging, both medically and emotionally. It can sometimes involve invasive procedures, uncertainty over the outcome and, in some cases, difficult financial decisions. That’s why you need someone you can trust. Our outstanding and dedicated team can offer you the expertise and support you need, every step of your parenting journey.

To provide the best fertility services in Sussex, we continually invest in our medical skills and equipment. And our Consultants, some with over 30 years of experience, are pioneering medical experts in fertility treatment.

Our embryology team is led by a highly experienced Scientific Director, supported by two Senior Embryologists. As well as having extensive hands-on IVF laboratory experience, they remain committed to professional development and research in the field of infertility. They are continuously exploring innovative research and treatment options.

The embryology and medical teams work closely together to deliver the expertise you need throughout your parenting journey, keeping you involved in decision-making at every stage.

“The staff were totally professional, yet it felt a little like a family. From Robert on reception, who knew your name the moment you walked through the door, to the doctors, nurses, embryologists and everyone that works there. I was actually sad to be discharged to the NHS after my eight-week scan.”

State-of-the-art facilities

Our IVF laboratory

The Agora laboratory is home to the very latest scientific processes and protocols as well as the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We recognise that the way eggs, sperm, and embryos are handled and cultured has a significant impact on their development, influencing the chances of a successful outcome. Our approach is to combine scientific precision with human expertise to create the most natural environment in which to grow new life. Our spacious IVF laboratory is also equipped with a very high-quality air filtration system which eliminates all contaminants and common air impurities.

“The quality of the embryology laboratory is the foundation of any IVF program.” 

George Koustas, Scientific Director

A calm and positive environment

Patients tell us that when they step into the Agora, there is an atmosphere of calm and positivity. There’s plenty of open space, natural light and comfortable modern furnishings. We also have a changing artwork display and relaxing music because we understand how both can help soothe any feelings of anxiety.

Our Worthing Satellite Clinic

For our patients living in West Sussex, we’ve made the journey to you. Our Agora satellite clinic in Worthing is located at the Limetree Surgery just off the A27.

The Agora Limetree is only staffed by Doctors and Nurses who work at the Agora Clinic. You can have consultations, scans and blood tests here. And there’s complete continuity of care when you come to have any procedures at our main facility in Hove.

Leaders in fertility education

We believe everyone should be empowered with enough knowledge to make decisions about their fertility. Our expert staff will explain all your options, answer any questions, and help you to make the decision that’s right for you.

We also work with the local community to educate people of all ages about their fertility choices.

Find out more about our fertility education programs.

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“The Agora has made our rollercoaster ride less bumpy and kept us on the right track from the very beginning with their care, support, advice, compassion and sense of humour.”