Latest Success Rates

Clinic’s IVF success rates play a major role in selecting a fertility clinic. The Agora is delighted that has consistently been one of the most successful clinics in South East and London with high success rates ensuring you are receiving the best possible care.

The HFEA data were issued in December 2019 and we are very proud to present you the most up to date success rates.


Great results

Our IVF success rates: 2017 IVF & ICSI Live Birth rates per fresh embryo transferred (%)

ClinicUnder 38Over 38All ages
The Agora Gynaecology and Fertility Centre371628
Nuffield Health Woking Hospital371226
King's Fertility341426
CARE Tunbridge Wells301626
Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre351425
Sussex Downs Fertility Centre311425
The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health291925
Complete Fertility Centre Southampton28823
Wolfson Fertility Centre, Hammersmith Hospital261723
Boston Place321122
The Lister Fertility Clinic331321
Wessex Fertility Limited281021
London Women's Clinic301220
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital26919
CARE London291118
Guys Hospital24817
London Fertility Centre21811
Newlife Fertility Centre15711
National Average291223

IVF/ICSI Fresh cycles

2017 Live Birth rate per embryo transferred in fresh embryo transfer IVF/ICSI cycles.

2018 Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferred in fresh embryo transfer IVF/ICSI cycles


Donor insemination cycles

2017 Live Birth rate per donor insemination (DI) cycles.


Frozen embryo transfer cycles

2017 Live Birth rate per embryo transferred in frozen embryo transfer cycles.


IVF/ICSI Fresh cycles, donor eggs


The HFEA publishes on its website the results of every licensed clinic in the UK. To understand ivf success rates and other factors that are important when choosing a fertility clinic please see the HFEA verified data.